Stretching across 85 Acers,with 20,000 meters of private pristine beach along the stunning coastline within the heart of Sokhna boasting perfect weather across the year, clear blue Skies and Crystal Sandy Beaches.Aroma presents One of the most spectacular.


Offering an unparalleled roster of top notch amenities and exceptional services,Aroma presents An environment that allow its residents to experience walks of life, Freedom to focus on The moments, meanings and memories they wish to savor.


Whether looking for relaxation, indulgence,health or adventure,Aroma welcomes you to celebrate life all year round.


Water is the Elixir of life in this 85 Acre Beachfront Haven. Aroma boasts its 20,000 meter Pristine Sandy beach, Spectacular Swimming Pools and Serene Lakes showcasing its intoxicating Beauty and Ever-lasting Memories. The Tranquil Waters are Swimmable year-around, making it a desirable destination for outdoor Adventure and Activity. Enjoy the vastness of our Waterscape and dive into the endless beauty of Tranquil Waters.


Our Swimmable Lagoons are The Definition of Beach Paradise for those Who seek the comfort of the Sea, bringing the Sandy Beach to your Doorstep. Experience the Epitome of luxury with crystal clear and majestically stunning cascading Water Features.


Feel the vibrant color of Nature with surrounding Greenery as you cherish the Fresh Air and Good Company. Balance and Harmony combine within A perfect blend of Lush Landscape and Waterscapes mixing together like a perfect moment to infuse with vast sceneries and inspirational vistas with breathtaking views of Green open spaces.


Aroma Hotels presents A Five Star Hotel catering to our residents needs through Luxury and customized service. Spend a relaxing Gateaway at Aroma Hotels and share boundless time with your Friends and Families with our Top-notch Room service, Housekeeping and All the facilities that you could possibly need for an enjoyable stress-free vacation.


Offering access to premium recreational facilities that cater to your needs including access to The Sandy Beach, Spa, and Indoor Heated Pool.


Satisfy your scenes with every breath of Fresh Air within our Lavish Landscape. A choice of Seafront Gourmet Restaurants and Cozy Cafes are only few steps away so you can swim, bask in the Sun and enjoy A barefoot Lunch or A refreshing Fruit Smoothie. Cherish the perfect setting to take in breathtaking views while savoring your favourite Meals. Feels the Fresh Breeze of The Red Sea while relishing you Meal.


Enjoy a year round Adrenaline Rush within The Turquoise Waters of The Red Sea. Fly across The Water with A kite surf or Water Doughnut, conquer the waves on A jet Ski, capture the onshore beauty on A Paddle Boat or explore the Hidden Treasures of the Shoreline in A Sea kayak. Discover the Waters of the inspiring Red Sea - Engage in exhilarating fun.


Make the most of the year round Exclusive Beach Club offering designed spaces for socializing and quite reflection. Catch some Rays on the Sundeck and indulge within an interchange of Brightness, Sun-shade and Water. The fully equipped Beach Club provides A wide Range of State of the Art Facilities to work out the Stress of your Day and boost our Fitness Levels. The Beach Club caters to its visitors presenting A Day full of Relaxation, pampering and Joy pamper yourself with refreshing Afternoons and Beautiful Encounters.


Retain A healthy Glow within a dedicated Sports Area, providing The Chance to practice Healthy Daily Habits, dive into A football Match with friends or boast your score in A tennis Match with Family. Relish indulgence to relax, restore and revitalize a tired Body and Mind.


Because We believe in A hassle Free Holiday, Our Hotel managed Apartments feature A roster of Premium Services including Housekeeping, Room service, Concierge, Valet Parking and A daily Open Buffet offering Maximum Comfort and indulgence; bringing The best of The best of The Hotel-inspired timesaving, Life-enhancing services right to you Doorstep making every Moment as if it were always meant to be.


The Real Shopping - Gratifying and Enjoyable shopping experiences. A world of Leisure and Convenience awaits you. Simply stroll down the shopping area for best of The Necessities, fusing Practicality and Convenience, catering to Your Everyday Necessities. Whether you’re shopping essentials or fancy giving yourself or your loved ones a treat, The Shopping Center has everything to fulfill your heart’s desire.


Only a few Footsteps Away from your Doorstep you will find your daily Necessities, Exclusive and Selective Range of Products at Aroma Mart - A life of luxury and Ease, style and charm, where Nature and Modern conveniences meet.